4-Layers Antibacterial Medical Face Mask is widely recommended by medical experts for people working in hospitals, mining industry, workplaces with risk of smoke and dirt and especially for prevention from diseases caused by virus and bacteria…etc.

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Factory 1: Hap Linh Industrial Zone, Hap Linh Ward, Bac Ninh City, Bac Ninh Province, Vietnam.

Factory 2: Huong Loc Residential Group, Dao Duc Town, Binh Xuyen District, Vinh Phuc Province, Vietnam

1s and 2s sterile non-woven fabric, anti-bacterial paper, plastic splint (or zinc core), fabric straps.

4 layers includes:

02 layers of non-woven fabric to resist bacteria splashes
01 layer of nano silver antibacterial fabric
01 layer of antibacterial ultrafiltration paper

ISO 13485: 2016: Quality standards for medical products.

TCVN 8389-1: Vietnamese National standards on medical masks

Specifications: 50 pcs, 175mm x95 mm x 4 layers

Box size: 185x100x110 mm, net weight: 285 grams, 50 boxes/carton


Medical Face Mask: AAB KISS FACEMASK prevents bacteria and fine dust from PM 2.5. Avoid high temperatures (above 40°C and 104°F).
Face mask products provide an effective anti-dust solution.
1 2

Prevent dust,
air pollution.

3 4

Prevent bacteria.

5 6

Air purifiers, creating clean air before inhalation

7 8

Well-stretch and sturdy strap for comfortable.

9 10

Prevent diseases spread through the respiratory tract.

11 12

Prevent pathogens from spreading to the outside