4-layers non-woven fabric face mask is widely recommended by medical experts for people working in mining industry or workplaces with risk of smoke and dirt.

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Produced in: 

Factory 1: Hap Linh Industrial Zone, Hap Linh Ward, Bac Ninh City, Bac Ninh Province, Vietnam.

Factory 2: Huong Loc Residential Group, Dao Duc Town, Binh Xuyen District, Vinh Phuc Province, Vietnam

1s and 2s sterile non-woven fabric, plastic splint (or zinc core), fabric straps.
4 layers includes:
03 layers of non-woven fabric to resist bacteria splashes
01 layer of nanosilver antibacterial fabric (or sterile non-woven fabric that resists bacteria splashes)

ISO 13485: 2016: quality standards for medical products.

TCVN 8389-1: Vietnamese national standards on medical masks

Specifications: 50 pcs, 175mm x95 mm x 4 layers.

Box size: 185x100x110 mm, net weight: 285 grams, 50 boxes/carton.


Medical Face Mask: AAB KISS FACEMASK prevents bacteria and fine dust from PM 2.5. Avoid high temperatures (above 40°C and 104°F).
Face mask products provide an effective anti-dust solution.
1 2

Prevent dust,
air pollution.

3 4

Prevent bacteria.

5 6

Air purifiers, creating clean air before inhalation

7 8

Well-stretch and sturdy strap for comfortable.

9 10

Prevent diseases spread through the respiratory tract.

11 12

Prevent pathogens from spreading to the outside